Free Delivery

ABM free delivery state that, if any customer buy an item will be delivered to the place where the customer is located by two means

1, If it is in Addis Abeba the item will be sent direct to the place where the Customer is located

2, If it is out of Addis Abeba we will use other delivery ways like Ethiopian post or EMS – No payment is required for delivery working 11/7 Thanks for contacting us Making Ethiopian shopping easier, for better EXPERIENCE

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72 Hours Return Policy

The ABM return policy states that,
if any of the items purchased from the ABM stores did not match
the item(s) ordered Have flows with the design or color Size Don’t fit.
The customer can return the product without any inconvenience As stated above,
if the item is found having problems within the described criteria above,you are required to fill the ABM RETURN POLICY FORM You will get the ABM RETURN POLICY form WHEN THE PRODUCT ORDERED IS Delivered
• After delivery,you are allowed 72 hrs to review the product in your hand
• After a product is returned the support team will need 24 hrs to review the problem with the product returned
• After review • The product might be replaced(if the customer is willing)
• direct refund of money without any charge of service After all we want the best for our customers
Thanks for contacting us
Making Ethiopian shopping easier, for better experience
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